After a breakfast offered in the garden of the landlord, take your daily journey, so drives to Pietrasanta; we advise you to park in the free car park at the Pietrasanta Bus Terminal, using the underpass you will arrive in Piazza del Duomo in less than 5 minutes on foot.
Once you have sipped a shaken coffee at Bar Michelangelo, the oldest in the square, you should plan a visit to the Cloister of Sant’Agostino and the Museum of Sketches.
Artists leave the miniature of them works to the Museum of Sketches from 50 years.

There are many shops and workshops but it is the art galleries that are very much.

We remind you to pass by the two locations of the Galleria Poggiali, every year they promote international famous artists.

During summer, at 1 pm all the shops close until 4 pm and the city gets a little hot for a walk or lunch. Our advice is to move up to the hills to the Circolo Soms di Capriglia where, in addition to finding a place extremely welcoming, you will find Alice’s professionalism and Andrea’s creativity with her menus that are different every day.

At two, Andrea stops cooking and starts playing cards with his friends from the club “Circolo”, so don’t arrive too late.

You can sit at the table until 3 or 4 in the afternoon sipping the famous green basil liqueur from Disttilleria Domenis 1898, producer of the best grappa in the world according to the Venetians, the legendary Storica Nera.

Our tour continues towards the Medici Palace in Seravezza and then makes a trip to the Arkad Foundation.

A bizarre couple of artists bought an old marble sawmill and turned it into a workshop and laboratory for artists. The construction dates back to 1500 when it was still partly an aquarium where fish were raised for the palates of the members of the Medici family.

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