When my grandfather Genunzio Benassai, thought of buying a beach-club in Viareggio in 1954, for his family and his 4 friends from Prato, although he had always been an enlightened visionary, I presume he did not imagine in the least, all that beauty he has gave birth with his act.
My sister Sabina and my brother / brother-in-law Iacopo, for 30 years, every summer at Pinocchio welcome guests from all over.
Bewitched by the very high level of catering, they come back every year, some for the “Spaghetti confusi alla Viareggina” and some for the “Crostata Creme Brulee”.
If you want to spend a day by the sea in a bubble of good taste that speaks the same language since the 1950s, get on your bike and come “to Pinocchio”.
Surfing is part of the beautiful habits of my life.
I started surfing at 7, thanks to Checco Farina, Michele Dini and Beppe Del Cima, actually I should thanks much more characters including Ario Bertacca who terrified me with his size of giant….
All of them were the first promoters of this fantastic sport in Italy, for this reasons I will never stop thanking.
For 20 years, my dear friend Jacopo Migliorini with his Versilia Surf School has continued to promote this discipline. It is exciting to see these children who from beginners become a champion of surfing.
Jacopo and his team, taking them in swaddling clothes, train them up to take them with him, on the ocean waves.
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