inside the San Rossore National Park Reserve, the scent of Mediterranean bush, 10 minutes by bike or 7 minutes by car from La Bougainville

Restaurants for lunch from june to september

Ristoranti per cena tutto l’anno

We recommend that you bring large towels to lay on the beach and some to create huts with sticks that you will find on the sand of the beach.
Remember to bring water (please, do not use the plastic bottles) and fruit.
At lunch or dinner time, there are many restaurants nearby and so we recommend a few.
Bring your bicycles to the end of the wooden walkway otherwise someone will steal them.
The restaurants that we have reported to you are all excellent, remember that at Santamonica there is no menu but you will not spend more than € 40/€ 50 and ask for a seafood appetizer “antipasto” and the house wine (withe wine Mafefa from near San Gimignano).
After these fantastic 5 courses of Antipasto you will be belly full but if there is space then ask for spaghetti with clams and bottarga or fish all’Isolana or fried fish.
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